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I have solo exhibition at New York

『Satomi Den Glass Works Exhibition』

On Thursday, September 18 〜 sunday, September 21

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The new shop will be opening in Tokyo.

In the shop, I have exhibited my art work.

The name of the shop is "Hotel Japan".

”Hotel Japan” is a truly unique gift shop.

Although the shop is real, the hotel it serves exists

only in the imagination of its creators.

that's why we created this shop as a showcase of

genuine Japanese quality and craftsmanship.

Hotel Japan is the brainchild of Japan's most

award-winning creative professionals - Morihiro Harano,

Yoshihiro Yagi and Haruko Tsursui. Althogh the hotel

currently exists only in their collective imagination,

they look forward to working with hotel operators who

share their vision and desire to make it a reality.

You can get more information.

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”Hotel Japan"

At a later date, I will announce the details !!

You can buy my art works online shop for “MITSUBAI TOKYO.”

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